Abadeh is an "oasis" village located between Isfahan and Shiraz in the western Iran.Tęppe produced mainly by Khasqai nomads who have settled here. This is the reason that the most frequently used motifs and patterns are a variation on the so-called Heybatlou design, which is one of the original Khasqai patterns.

Pile is wool and weft and the warp is cotton. The pattern typically consists of a large hexagon in the background with a rosette or medallion in the center and at each corner. Gamut is dominated by the rust-red, beige and dark blue. The background is covered with small symbols which gives the rug its unique charm.

Knot density:
Abadeh: 250-350000 knots/m2
Abadeh Fine: 350-400000 knots/m2

Abadeh available in sizes: 65x100, 80x120, 70x150, 100x150, 80x200, 80x300, 85x400, 150x200, 200x200 & 170x240.


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