Bakhtyari with garden Motif

This combination of village and nomadic rugs are woven by both Amenske, Kurdish, Luris and other tribes which are located in the southwest area of the region around the city of Isfahan. These tribal people are known to be especially colorful in the same manner as the carpets they associate it. Blankets many qualities, both the rustic look and solid durable. A good uldkvalitet combined with a strong cotton weft gives the rug stability so it is solid and flat on the floor. Bakhtyari linked in garden motif "Khesti" and more great patterned variations. The best blankets attached to the older women and are therefore called "Bibibaff" ( "Bibi" = woman, "Baff" = to link).

Knot density:
Bakhtyari standard: 100-300000 knots/m2
Bakhtyari Fine: 200-300000 knots/m2

blankets mostly available in sizes:
Bakhtyari standard: 100x150, 140x200, 150x250 & 200x300 cm.
Bakhtyari Fine: 100x150, 150x200, 170x260 & 220x320 cm.