Materials used in Nain Kashmar is wool and mercerized cotton. Mercerization is a treatment that makes Submission smoother by removing loose fibers from the yarn. The result is a quality that feels soft and delicious.

Materials used in Nain Fine and Extra Fine are wool and silk pile which, as the warp used cotton.

Nain carpets available in sizes:
Nain Kashmar 85x145, 120x200, 150x250, 200x200, 200x250, 200x300, 250x250, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400, 80x200, 80x300, & 80x400 cm.
Nain M. Fine Silk 125x200, 170x240, 200x300 & 250x350 cm.
Nain Extra Fine m. Silk 90x140, 125x200, 170x240 & 200x300 cm.

They characteristic blue and white patterns with central finblomstrede medallion and all-over design, from carpet associate traditions from the large area around the town of Nain in central Iran.Since Shah of Iran in May 1959 visited the Danish royal pair, he brought with him as a gift to the king a magnificent carpet of 216x319 m Nainmønster and with over 1 million knots per. m2. The carpet was produced in the famous art school in Isfahan. Pile is of wool, but gone are Shah's arms woven into silk. This is otherwise a good example of that carpets of superior quality and provenance named after the used pattern here Nain, and not after the point where they become produced.
Naintæpper manufactured in three grades
node density:

  • Nain Kashmar.
    200.000-250.000 promissory per. m2
  • Nain M. Fine Silk. 400.000-450.000 promissory per. m2
  • Nain Extra Fine Silk m.. 850000-1000000 promissory per. m2


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