This carpet attached Seneh around town in the western part of Iran. Basic Woven usually consists of cotton, but wool weft direction can occur. Pile is of wool. Node is usually, strangely enough, Ghiodis, but also taking blankets from Seneh with Seneh node. A Senehtęppe typically have a blue background color and a hexagonal motif. One finds often blankets from Seneh district with flame motif or another smaller pattern, repeated throughout the carpet, which is usually in smaller size. The carpet is full of character and it is smoother than such a Keshantęppe. The downside of a Senehtęppe is nubret when shot run only once between each node number and forcing warp thread back alternately.

Blankets available in sizes: 70x105, 125x155, 200x300, 55x250, 90x320 & 90x400.