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What are Aubussons?

Aubusson Wool YarnsAubusson rug is hand-woven rugs made of 100% pure sheep wool. They stand out - especially in contrast to the classical Oriental carpets - because of their soft muted pastel tones and quiet pattern from that vary from light beige to bright colors. The authentic Aubussons have tended to the French monarchs of the 18th Century because of their property to blend unique style with wooden furniture worth. Since the mid-20th Century, this art of Aubusson weaving in Europe and the U.S. rediscovered.

To meet the growing demand for Aubussons, the weaving technique was imported from France to China. These new Aubussons meet in weaving, coloring, design, and in particular quality 100 percent of the old role models. (Only 5 mm high) Despite the lack of carpet pile are Aubussons durable and serve the floor use.

Gobelins - in contrast to the Aubussons - pure tapestries, which also made of 100% pure wool hand-woven. Qualitatively, they are somewhat finer than Aubussons since the preparation of individual motifs (faces, landscapes, etc.) requires a high thread count. Plunge now into the world of Aubussons and tapestries and be enchanted ...

Aubusson rug

The traditional standard measurements of Aubussons:

Our Aubusson rugs are hand woven on looms specially for you. It has evolved over the years, the following - for normal residential use most common - Aubusson extent developed out:

1.40 x 0.70 m
1.50 x 0.90 m
1.80 x 1.20 m
2.00 x 1.40 m
2.50 x 1.50 m
2.80 x 1.80 m
3:10 x 2.40 m
3.70 x 2.70 m
4.30 x 3.00 m
Interferences (up to 20 sqm.)

We also have a selection of round and square Aubussons, and various aspects Aubusson Runner (galleries).

Furthermore, it is also possible your "Dream Aubusson" according to your specific ideas weave leave. Such customization takes only about three months. Please contact us regarding personally by e-mail or telephone.

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