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Articles About Oriental Rugs & Carpets
1. The places and sorts of Iranian Persian rugs
In Iran, there are many types of Persian rug, the name of the carpet is usually determined by the places of origin, such as Tabriz, Qom, Nein, Bidjar, Senen, Isfahan, Abadeh, Afshar, Bakhtyari...
2. Countries of origin the oriental rugs
Handmade carpets were possibly brought by the Seljuk people to Asia Minor. When the Venetian merchant, Marco Polo, came to the former capital, the city of Konya, in the year 1283, he wrote, that there he found the most beautiful and exquisite carpets of the world......
3. History of Chinese handmade rug
As a Chinese traditional hand-made craftwork, carpet weaving is of the long histories...
4. The weaving process of Chinese handmade rug
The carpet is produced in a complicated traditional wortk. This is extremely hardworking and time consuming processes which includes: Design drawing, Thread dying, Warp Hanging, Weaving, Shearing, Washing, edge fringing, etc...
5. Main consists of the persian rug
A carpet consists of two parts: one is "foundation", which is formed by warp and weft yarns and the other is the "pile". Xin Jiang Province is one of the major places where the Chinesecarpets originated...
6. Types of knots used in oriental rugs
Knot weaving skill is the most widely used method of making a carpet. There are different ways of knot weaving but basically Persian knot and Turkish knot are one of the most popular ones. Persian knot is symmetric whereas , Turkish knot is not.
7. Quality criteria of oriental rug
The key factors which involve the quality of the carpet are as follows??¡ìoo 1. The materials used to weave the carpet. The world's finest carpet is made of silk instead of anything else, i.e. silk warp, weft yarn and silk piles...
8. Patterns & designs of Chinese rugs
The Chinese handmade rugs have a lot of varieties and elegant designs and patterns. each being different in styles. The main representative patterns are: traditional artistic "Beijing Style", "Antique Style" and "Glassical Style".
9. Materials of Chinese rugs and carpets
The primary materials used in carpets are wool and silk In some cases, cotton, flax and synthetics are also used just to make the product cheaper.
10. About Chinese silk rug and carpet
The Nan Yang hand-made silk carpet is well-known in the world and it's regarded as the valuable collector and this is because it's completely hand-made with excellent materials, and elegant designs.

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