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The background of Aubusson rug and Aubusson carpet

Aubusson TownAubusson rug & Aubusson tapestry borned from a French town named Aubusson, which locates on a little picture-sque town situated near the mountains of the Massif Central and lying on the banks of the River Creuse. Although this medieval city ceased to manufacture rugs over one hundred thirty years ago, it had been on one occasion one time one occasion the very centre of Europe's rug industry. The city continues to host certain rug and tapestry exhibitions every summer. The production of Aubusson rugs is assumed to own begun in the 17th century and was applied by a bunch of skilled, freelance weavers who every followed the particular style and design of the Aubusson technica. This involves interlacing the rugs using a thick-thread weave on giant looms to form a flat tapestry without pile.

Aubusson tapestry is one among the oldest types of woven textiles. The design of the tapestries made have varied with the centuries, from scenes of green landscapes through to shooting scenes. within the seventeenth century, the Aubusson and Felletin workshops got "Royal Apointment" statusstanding. A city turn in fortunes came when the French revolution and also the arrival of wallpaper. As Arts and Crafts, Aubusson tapestries Wall-Hangings have been a long history for centuries in various cultures that bring your home not simply interior beauty but additionally a sense of history.

In 1665, Royal Manufactory was entitled the name of Aubusson. Plants were established to produce pile Aubusson Carpets and Aubusson Tapestries for the nobility since 1743, and shortly thereafter rugs were being made in the flat-woven tapestry technica in floral and chinoiserie patterns.

In the nineteenth & twentieth centuries the name Aubusson became synonymous with a flat-woven French Aubusson Aubusson Carpets & Aubusson Tapestries.

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