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7 bales silk Persian rugs ship to Toronto Canada
4/25/2013    views[8773]


On 25th, April 2013, Bosi Carpet sent 7 bales, in all about 2,000 square feet silk Persian rugs to one of our Customer from Toronto, Canada.

Lots of people known Iran is famous for Persian rugs, but China is also one of largest countries for making Oriental rugs, especially silk rugs in Persian pattern, which feature with very exquisite workmanship, silk lustering and beautiful patterns, but moderate prices. A 1100 KPSI silk rug made in China is very easily to be distinguished from common rugs that made in other countries at first sight, due to they are in far more details, 400 Line silk rug for instance, it has 160,000 knots per square foot, or 1111 KPSI, with incredible details, and great value.

Our export quantity large due to our superb quality and reasonable prices, not we have stable repeat customers.

Bosi Carpet Price as following, no matter wholesalers, retailers, or end users, you are always only happy to assist by our professional sales team. We wish you cooperate with you to establish a win-win modle and long-term friendship...

400 Line silk rug, 1111 KPSI, USD 47 per square foot
260 Line spun silk rug, 400 KPSI, price is USD 27 per square foot
200 Line silk blend wool rug, 270 - 360 KPSI, price is USD 24 per square foot
200 Line art-silk rug, 270 KPSI price is USD 14.5 per square foot

Please feel free contact our sales via sales@bosi-carpet.com for prices, you will get BEST PRICE, very competitive.

persian rugs to toronto

persian rugs to toronto

persian rugs to toronto

persian rugs to toronto

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