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Dezhou is the only place where China Aubusson rugs made, our factory locates there and among the all, we are the largest. We could offer you a variety of choices and more importantly, best price! Before making an investment on such a beautiful area rug, please choose a reputed supplier, no matter on internet, like ebay, B2B website or retail shops in your country, if you find prices from other suppliers are cheaper than us, just tell us, we will not let you down.

How to weave?

The weaving of Aubusson rug is by a way called flat weave, it is using wool, silk or both blend yarns forming interlacing knots on a horizontal loom. Rugs like Kilim, Soumak also made under similar way, but not same, Aubusson knots are more tiny, more better, pileless, and better material, thus it is also can be called tapestry weave. Not only rugs, tapestries, but also pillows, chair covers other upholstery are also made in this way.

Where it made today?

Aubusson area rugs are mainly made in two countries, France and China. The first one is the place where the beautiful flooring piece born, the last one is widely developped the beautiful flooring piece.


The weaving techinique was firstly introduced in China in early 1990s by an American rug dealer, before the era, it was totally made in France. Chinese smart artisans succefully learend the woven way created by French people over 300 years ago, soon, fine replica Aubusson rugs were made, and as same quality as France made.

In the past, Aubusson rugs were produced mainly for Kings, Nobles, Rich and Royal families, like "Palais de Versailles", as their output quantity is too low that price is too high to offer normal families. Today, thanks to the Chinese skilled artisans, they tirelessly crafted such beautiful rugs and flush the market, thus there are available in large quantity chosen by consumers for the past decades, they are popular in lots of families due to its unsurpased beauty and endless elgance.

Which countries they are popular?

Generally, people from most countries in the world like Aubussons. Aubusson rugs and tapestries are prefered all across Europe and North America. Aubusson sofa covers are popular in Middle East, especially Egypt. Aubusson pillows are favourable in North America, Europe, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and other countries. We offer all above mentioned items, both ready made in stock and custom made service.

Brief knowledge about custom made Aubusson rugs/Tapestries

1) Customer show us pictures
If you find any Aubusson rugs or tapestries that you quite love, but not available in the market, don't lose heart, as we can make for you with affordable price. You need only to to do is, send us clear pictures and make payment, we will do all the rest work.

2) We produce and deliver
After received your pictures and payment, we will draw the chart according to your pictures firstly, then matching color, dying yarns, hanging warps, hand weaving. After months hard working, a fine rug is finished, workers will cut it down from loom, then washing, tidy and dry it, an Aubusson rug is finally finished. Next, we will take pictures for you and make delivery.

Don't worry about quality, the designers and weavers of Bosi Carpet are in rich experience, they design and weave rugs all over 10 years. Lots of buyers are quite happy when received our rugs. Any questions or more information you want to know Aubusson, please feel let me know, as we are always happy to assist you.

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