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Patterns & designs of Chinese rugs

The Chinese hand made carpets have a lot of varieties and elegant designs and patterns. each being different in styles. The main representative patterns are: traditional artistic "Beijing Style", "Antique Style" and "Glassical Style"; There are also "Antique Style" modeled after the folk and court artistic style; "Floral Style", "Jingcai Style" and various modern floral patterns with the subjects of flowers as well as the "Persian Style" modeled on the patterns of ancient Persian carpets ,etc.
"Beijing Style" patterns are traditional forms developed and formed through a long period of time, and have absorbed the artistic formations from Chinese paintings, architecture, brocade, embroidery with the abundant cultural connotation, They are consisted of classical patterns. such us the flowers in auspicious or legendary meaning, beasts, utensils, Chinese characters and geometric motifs, etc. The shapes are careful and prudent, and the colors are sumptuous and elegant.
"Antique Style" and "Classical Style" patterns and designs are the extend and development of the "Beijing Style" figures. They are designed with the applications of the arts of ancient painted potteries, bronzes, lacquers, carvings on brick and stone, ceramics, embroidery, brocade and Chinese paintings, and with the combination of the carpet weaving technology, market demands and contemporary artistic standards. They have become main designs and patterns of Chinese silk and wool carpets since 1980s.
"Antique carpets", being also called the carpet modeled on the ancient carpets, are made of the natural silk and traditional technology by applying the traditional art styles of folk carpets in the Northwest China and Court with auspicious or happy and celebrating event contents or with the peonies, beats and round-flowers as their subjects, matching with the wavy and swastika (symbol of good luck) geometric side decorations ageist ground beige and blue color. The patterns and designs are unsophisticated; and the shapes are simple and highly decorative, having the profound characteristics of Chinese folk arts.
The "Floral Style" patterns and designs are composed of the luxuriant and colorful flowers, The shapes are made by using the traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by the brushwork and polish-up to make the motions realistic and vivid, the structures vivid and easy, and the colors fresh and lucid. "Beijing Style" patterns are to add the side decorations in the "Floral Style" patterns infusing with the patterns of Beijing style, increasing the tableau contents and layers so that the patterns would become more abundant and the forms would have more varieties.
The "Persian Style" , namely being modeled on the Persian patterns, is a kind of the closest and finest patterns and designs of ancient Persian carpets that are well-known with their fineness, focusing on the practical use, carpet demand for indoor space and patterns allocation tufted in sub-regions and sub-layers, orderly unfolding and leveling on the carpet surface. The motifs are closed but not in mess; the colors are brilliant but not gaudy with the distinct primary and secondary, gentle and comfortable.
Since the end of twentieth century, a large number of exquisite and modern floral patterns with the profound contemporary features have emerged in the patterns and designs of Chinese silk carpets in the respective regions. The figures are easy-going and comfortable; The flower shapes are designed in realistic tradition of painting or realistic painting combining with decorations; The colors are gentle, light and variable; The patterns and designs are fresh and unique, such as: "Fanhua Sijin" meaning " multitude of blossoming flowers" , gorgeous and graceful; "Zhifan yemao" meaning "mass of branches and leaves" by taking the nature as the subjects, full of vim and vigor; or "Niaoyu huaxinang" meaning "birds are signing and flowers are giving forth their fragrance" , very enchanting; "Huatuan Jincu" meaning " bouquets of flowers and piles of silks" by taking the peace as their subjects, very quite, or peaceful, having high tasting.