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Aubusson rug

Entirely Handmade, Genuine French Aubusson Flat Weave, Fine New Zealand Wool

Aubusson rug is a kind of French handmade rug, which takes from a town named Aubusson in France. Aubusson rug / Aubusson carpet is made by a method called flat weave. The rug firstly created over 300 years ago, after centuries, Aubusson rug doesn't a bit fall away, but even popular today, known as one of best well designed rugs in the market.

French wool Aubusson rug / Aubusson carpet only choose the imported finest New Zealand wool yarns as material, then dyed into many colors, usually an Aubusson rug made of dozens of color yarns, even over one hundred. The pattern are mainly delicate floral, but also architectural can be seen. After hundreds of years development, nowdays, the design of Aubusson reaches a pinnacle, lots of distinctive patterns are created, many are very delicate. Aubusson rugs are widely choiced as they are very beatiful in patterns and rich in colors.

We are Aubusson rug manufacturer, this means we can provide you COMPETITIVE PRICES. We own a Aubusson factory and a warehouse with hundreds of various French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson tapestries, Aubusson sofa covers and Aubusson Pillow Cushions in stock. We do both wholesale and retail Aubusson rugs, payment can be made via PAYPAL, TT, Western Union and LC, purchase here is easy, safe and convenient.

 aubusson_product : aubusson_carpet
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : OLD-37
Size : 5X8
Item : Silk Aubusson Rug
P ID : SD07
Size : 6X9
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : CL-6
Size : 6X9
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : LC-01
Size : 6X9
Item : Aubusson Carpet
Size : 8X10
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : 4606
Size : 4X6
Item : Blue Aubusson Carpet
Size : 5X8
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : SF-10B
Size : 5X8
Item : Wool Aubusson Carpet
P ID : SF-12B
Size : 5X8
Item : Cream Color Aubusson Carpet
P ID : OLD-36
Size : 6X9
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Aubusson Rug / Carpet Specifications
Item Name Woven Pattern Raw Material Normal size (ft) Inventory
French Aubusson Rug Flat Weave Floral Architectural Natural Silk or New Zealand Wool 3 X 5, 4x6, 5x8, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, 12x18 or special sizes 30,000 Sq.Ft.
Dominated Colors of Aubusson Rugs : Beige, Wine, Light Blue, Cream, Antique Brown, Pink and more...
Shapes: Mainly rectangular Shaped Aubusson rugs, round Aubusson rug, square Aubusson rug and oval shaped Aubusson rug are not common
In the past, Aubusson rugs were enjoyed by nobles, royal families. Now most Aubusson rugs are made in China, so it becomes affordable by normal families.