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Oriental Rugs Articles
In Iran, there are many types of Persian rug, the name of the carpet is usually determined by the places of origin, such as Tabriz, Qom, Nein, Bidjar, Senen, Isfahan, Abadeh, Afshar, Bakhtyari...
Handmade carpets were possibly brought by the Seljuk people to Asia Minor. When the Venetian merchant, Marco Polo, came to the former capital, the city of Konya, in the year 1283, he wrote, that there he found the most beautiful and exquisite carpets of the world......
3. History of Chinese handmade rug
As a Chinese traditional hand-made craftwork, carpet weaving is of the long histories...
The carpet is produced in a complicated traditional wortk. This is extremely hardworking and time consuming processes which includes: Design drawing, Thread dying, Warp Hanging, Weaving, Shearing, Washing, edge fringing, etc...
A carpet consists of two parts: one is "foundation", which is formed by warp and weft yarns and the other is the "pile". Xin Jiang Province is one of the major places where the Chinesecarpets originated...
Knot weaving skill is the most widely used method of making a carpet. There are different ways of knot weaving but basically Persian knot and Turkish knot are one of the most popular ones. Persian knot is symmetric whereas , Turkish knot is not.
The key factors which involve the quality of the carpet are as follows¡êo 1. The materials used to weave the carpet. The world's finest carpet is made of silk instead of anything else, i.e. silk warp, weft yarn and silk piles...
The Chinese handmade rugs have a lot of varieties and elegant designs and patterns. each being different in styles. The main representative patterns are: traditional artistic "Beijing Style", "Antique Style" and "Glassical Style".
The primary materials used in carpets are wool and silk In some cases, cotton, flax and synthetics are also used just to make the product cheaper.
The Nan Yang hand-made silk carpet is well-known in the world and it's regarded as the valuable collector and this is because it's completely hand-made with excellent materials, and elegant designs.


Bosi Carpet established in 1987. With 22 years' development, Bosi has become one of the largest Chinese Handmade Rug manufacturer & wholesaler. Bosi customers' from more than 20 countries, and exported high quality handmade rugs and carpets exceed US $1 million in 2009.


Bosi only produces authentic handmade rugs, carpets and cushions, the following is the major products of Bosi: Silk mixed wool rug; Oriental rug; Persian rug; Chinese silk rug; Aubusson cushion cover, Aubusson area rug and Aubusson tapestry; Tibetan wool carpet; Hand tufted carpet; Needlepoint cushion cover...


We take a huge inventory of the high quality Hand knotted rugs in a wide variety of styles from you choose at any time, we also warm welcome OEM order from you.

sales@bosi-carpet.com Tel: 86-532-89670628

3. What are the colors of silk carpet? And the styles?


If you are in the market for handmade rug and looking for factories, welcome to Bosi Carpet, Here is the right place!

We have satelite factories for complete handmade items

Bosi handmade carpet factory design & manufacture very beautiful handmade persian design carpets, silk wool rugs, french style aubusson tapestry, pillow cover, sofa cover, european design needlepoint cushion cover, needlepoint upholstery furniture, needlepoint tapestry- So many arts that fits of any tates and decors. All are making by triditional handmade way with the latest patterns and designs. Our handmade area rugs, wall hangings, pillows are rich in colors, comfortable in hand touch, extreme fine in workmanship, dazzing beauty, durable and affordable.
Bosi Carpet Product Guide

1. Hand-knotted Persian Rug Carpet:

China has a long history of weaving rugs and earned a good reputation. In abssorbing of the art and technica of the Persian rug industry, the skilled Chinese crafters refined rug weaving to the point of pinnacle. Chinese silk carpet at its best is unsurpassed in beauty, it is distinguished by its richness, exquisite coloring, and rare sheen. The most magnificent silk carpets have been woven in China, and these are acknowledged by every viewpoint, particularly as regard color, texture and history. Traditional Chinese silk carpets are always cut on the grounds of the carpets are very vivid and seems sculptures. Rugs in Persian design is very popular in China. Chinese cfafters improved Persian rugs with much higher density of knots than that made in Iran and Turkey. Persian design rugs in China are used pure silk, spun silk and artifical silk to weave. Chinese artisans even knotted silk rugs with 1,000,000 knots per square feet.

Chinese silk rugs and tapestries becomes well-known since the earlier 1980s.The silk tapestries are waving in high quality and enjoyed for collectors. Bosi silk carpets are directly from crafters in the villages, so they are cheaper than the items in the shops. Particularly the prices are much lower than that sold in western countries. Some wholesalers from Iran and Turkey to import silk carpets from us for great pfofits. However, the consumers didn't know that the rugs were woven in China.

Chinese handmade rug industry has some difficulties because of the labor force in the short to raise. Fewer crafters insist on making silk rugs, because they spend too long weaving, and the weavers can earn more money if they do other jobs. Just because this reason, high density knots of silk rugs will be more and more valueable in the future.

As a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Persian carpets, silk rugs, wool carpets, wool mixed silk rugs, artifical silk carpets, we are available of large quantity of rugs with competitive prices in stock for customer's choosing at any time.

2. Aubusson Product

AUBUSSON TAPESTRY & RUG, origin from French town named Aubusson. Aubusson town had a long history in Aubusson rug and tapestry making, lots of items from Aubusson town were mainly for palace use in the past. Aubusson rugs and tapestries mainly applied for wall hangings, flooring and furnituring coverings. Unlike an ordinary tapestry, Aubusson tapestry is a high-end works of art. Today, many famous collections are still hanging in France, the Louvre, Versailles Palace and some famous estate.

As early as 1980s, Aubusson equipment and technology were introduced into China, Chinese craftsman, guided by French engineers then mastered the art and technica of weaving Aubusson rug. After 20 years of exploration, Bosi has become the world's top Aubusson rug and tapestry manufacturers, more than As the world's top hand-painting art Aubusson products are sought by collectors.

Making an Aubusson tapestry is a time consuming work, the production time of a three meter Aubusson tapestry should be spent 1 year to complete; Bosi Aubusson rugs and tapestres make selection of finest pure New Zealand wool, and dyed with vegetables dyes, so that no harm to the envirment and health.

Aubusson rugs and tapestries can be seen all over- like little reminders of history, tradition and culture embedded into our everyday lives.

Pillows and cushion covers made by the Aubusson art and technique are high quality home decor item and favourted by lots of western customers. People buy Aubusson cushion covers and pillows to improve their home with more French styles. They usually combines use with the Aubusson carpet, tapestry and European style furnitures. European design models are very popular in the decor market. They beautifully complement to any decor. All these Aubusson cushions and pillows are made of finest New Zealand pure wool that feels very soft and warm. We are available of lots of designs and colors for customers choosing at any time. If you want to decorate your room more french style, please don't hestitate to buy the items.

Aubusson chair cover and sofa cover featured with Aubusson triditional weave. One complete set of sofa cover including 1 sofa covers, 4 chair covers, and 10 pieces of arm covers. When sofas or chairs covered by Aubusson sofa covers, your living room will promptly become luxurious and elgance in french style. All Aubusson products we accept retailer, even only 1 set(piece), you will get very good prices.

As one of the largest suppliers of Aubusson Rugs & Carpets, Aubusson Tapestry, Aubusson Sofa Cover, Aubusson Pillows, Aubusson Cushion Cover in China, you will find full range of Aubusson products at Bosi. Bosi not only sells stock Aubusson products, but also welcome orders according to customers' own design.

3. Needlepoint Product

During sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, needlepoint was born, the initial purpose of craftsman, who wanted to recreate the look of woven tapestries. Embroidery on canvas, or needlepoint began to develop to a new as we know it today. In 1880s, needlepoint technica was introduced into China by a British Missionary, later, this flower of art rooted in China. Chinese craftman emboridered lots of masterpieces of tapestries, one famous work named "Queen Mary on Tour" today still preserved in The British Museum.

Needlepoint is using different color fine wool yarn, forming stitches on an open-weave fabric called canvas. The canvas is constructed with horizontal and vertical threads that are woven together to make precisely placed holes between threads. The points at which these threads meet are called meshes. Needlepoint designs are more durable than other styles of needlecrafts, needlepoint designs making them well used as rugs, carpets, chair seats, chair arm, pillow and cushion covers.

During colonial times, needlepoint was in popularity, where it was used for fashion accessories, pictures, and upholstery fabric. Other types of needlecrafts are less durable than needlepoint designs , needlepoint designs making them well suited for chair seats, cushion cover, pillow, rugs, carpets, and so on. You will find the finest needlepoint cushion cover and pillow to compliment your decor, be it modern or traditional or country casual or urban chic.

As a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Needlepoint Rugs & Carpets, Needlepoint Tapestry, Needlepoint Cushion Cover, Needlepoint Pillow, Needlepoint Christmas Stocking, Needlepoint Foot Stool, Needlepoint Ottoman, Needlepoint Sofa, Needlepoint Chair... We supply many needlepoint designs in many sizes by our skilled craftsman. All of our needlepoint products are offered at competitive prices.

4. Hand Made Tapestry

Our handmade tapestry is our newly created and totally different from other kinds of tapestry; the technique of making handmade tapestry is based on hand embroidery, it is using over 100 types of color yarns forming stitches on a piece of canvas that creates vivid patterns like flowers, landscapes, portraits and so on, comparing to aubusson, needlepoint or cross-stitch tapestry, its surface impress you with comfortable tufting effects; Handmade tapestry is a labor intensive work of art, making a piece of 60cm x 80cm size handmade tapestry, a skilled weaver should spend 10 hours per day, 15-20 days to finish it. The products are made with elegant design and exquisite techniques, have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, recreation places and families. The picture patterns mainly consist of landscapes, figures, animals, well-known domestics and foreign paintings and so on. Our handmade tapestry is 100% hand made, we can design various patterns and sizes to meet the diverse needs of consumes.

We adhere to the concept of striving for first-class quality and constantly making innovation. All customer and friends are warmly welcomed to our company for visit and business negotiations.
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