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 Bosi Aubusson Rug, Carpet, Tapestry, Pillow and Sofa Cover details:
Catagory Woven Pattern Raw Material Normal size (ft) Inventory
Aubusson Carpet Flat Weave French New Zealand Wool 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, 12x18 22,000sq.ft^2
Aubusson Tapestry Flat Weave French New Zealand Wool 2x3, 2,5x4, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8 8,00 pcs
Aubusson Pillow Flat Weave French NZ Wool / Natural Silk 14x14, 12x16, 16x16, 18x18... 1,000 pcs
Aubusson Sofa Cover Flat Weave French New Zealand Wool 74.31 Square Foot 1,000 pcs
This is ture factory of Aubussons, shopping here will greatly save your dollors.

Any needs or questions, please send an email to sales@bosi-carpet.com, we will response you within 24 hours. Never complex, shopping is easy & Payment can be made via PAYPAL to ensure your funds safety.

Item : Yard Aubusson Pillow
P ID : GSH-112
Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
Item : Bird Aubusson Pillow
P ID : GSH-114
Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
Item : Kilim Aubusson Pillow
P ID : GSH-P102
Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
Item : Rose Aubusson Pillow
P ID : HT-009A
Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
Item : Floral Aubusson Pillow
P ID : HT-009B
Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
Item : Aubusson Carpet
P ID : AC-11
Size : 8X10
Item : Aubusson Carpet
P ID : AC-10
Size : 8X10
Item : Aubusson Carpet
P ID : AC-9
Size : 8X10
Item : Aubusson Carpet
P ID : AC-8
Size : 8x10/9x12/10x14
Item : Aubusson Carpet
P ID : AC-7
Size : 8x10/9x12
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