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During 16th and 17th centuries, needlepoint was created by an artisan who wanted to recreate the look of woven tapestries. Another name of needlepoint is wool work, which is using different color fine wool yarn, forming stitches on an open-weave fabric called canvas. This technique was introduced to China by a Missionary--James Mamullan from Europe at the beginning of 20th century. The canvas was made by "Ding Xi Jiu" factory, while the Patterns designed in accordance with the time of Louis XIV decor by the distributor of the Gossater woolen embroidery company from New York, USA, and finally produced in the factories around "Ren De" foreign company at that time. The needlepoint products were in popularity in America by then. The needlepoint factory was shut down due to the "Ren De" foreign company was bankrupted after the outbreak of the Pacific War. Later, in 1950s, the factory recovered production and spread the technique from the north Shandong province to the south Hebei province of China. With over 50 year's development, the needlepoint craftsmen are not only can produce cushions in rich and beautiful patterns, but also imitate famous paintings, pictures, portraits, Chinese paintings and so on. The "Sunrise" of Beijing Great Hall Wall Hanging and the "Motherland" hanging in Chairman Mao Memorial Hall are the masterpieces of needlepoint artworks that represent of the Chinese needlepoint industry, and won great respects and praises by home and abroad visitors.

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Item : Beaufiful Otterman
P ID : zxc066
Size : 45x49x49 CM
Item : Needlepoint Furniture
P ID : zxc069R
Size : 42x30x38 CM
Item : Floral Jacquard Footstool
P ID : Zxc0070-1
Size : 42x52x38 CM
Item : Storage Ottoman
P ID : zxc071
Size : 48x48x52 CM
Item : Blue Classic Ottoman
P ID : Zxc073
Size : 48x35x40 CM
Item : Needlepoint Chair
P ID : ZXC074
Size : 60X73X130 CM
Item : Deluxe Chair
P ID : ZXC076
Size : 60X73X130 CM
Item : Jacquard Ottoman
P ID : Zxc077
Size : 48x52x48
Item : Upholstery Chair
P ID : Zxc085
Size : 41x51x90 CM
Item : Round Foot Stool
P ID : zxc098
Size : 50x50x46 CM
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