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French Style Aubusson Pillow Cushion Cover:

  • Knot Density: 200 Lines= 400,00 Knots Per Square Foot
  • Raw Material: 2 Kinds, one is pure silk, another is New Zealand wool
  • Stock Quantity: 200 Pieces, 10X18, 12X20, 16X16, 18X18, 20X20, 22X22 ...
  • Woven: Flat Weave in French Triditional Way(100% handmade)
  • Delivery Time: Within 3 days after received the payment (When received
    the payment, we will do very careful check, we ensure customer received it without defect.)
  • Besides Aubusson Pillow Cushion Cover, We are also available other Aubusson products:
  • Aubusson tapestry
  • Aubusson rug carpet
  • Aubusson sofa cover
  •  Aubusson Product : Aubusson Pillow
    Item : Bird Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-3008
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Macaw Aubusson Pillow
    Size : 12X20 Sq.In.
    Item : Antique Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-D04
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Wool Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-D5
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Hornbill Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-CU01
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Macows
    P ID : GSH-D03
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Bear Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-113
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Yard Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-112
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Bird Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-114
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
    Item : Kilim Aubusson Pillow
    P ID : GSH-P102
    Size : 18X18 Sq.In.
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