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China Persian Design Spun Silk Rug:
Spun silk rug is made of spun silk material, which is short or waste fiber made from silkworm cocoons, spun silk is the byproduct from silk spinning industry, it's make the best of natural raw material. Spun silk rug features with fine silky lustering and comfortable hand feeling. Better than artificial silk carpet, and next best natural silk rug.

China largest origin place of handmade rug is Xichuan county, Henan Province, where Bosi carpet born and enrooted. We have a total value of 400 square meters of warehouse there for offering artificial silk carpet, spun silk rug, silk wool carpet and natural silk rug. Seeing is believing, we welcome customers from world wide to visit our factory and warehouse to choose rugs, we will provide factory price with fine quality spun silk rugs for you.

Design: Nein, Qom, Isfahan...
Raw Material: Spun Silk Material
Pattern: Allover, Medallion and One sided
Workmanship: 100% Hand Knotted
Stock Quantity: Over 30,000 Square Feet
Contact: sales@bosi-carpet.com; Tel: +86-15215320825
 China Persian Series : Pure Spun Silk Carpet
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 30A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 28A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 27A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 21A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 20A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 17A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
Item : Silk Rug
P ID : 9A-2.5*4
Size : 2.5 X 4
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